About Us

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hose crimping machines. Founded in the year of 1998, it established a strong presence in the key areas of heavy duty industry. Also after its inception the company has becoming an outstanding enterprise in the machine field because of its excellent products and best service. Therefore the company is a trustworthy supplier in general trading with other companies.

Several wooden boxes containing hose crimping machine are on the floor.
Hose crimping machines are packed in wooden boxes, making them easier to transport.

Our hose crimping machine product include: hydraulic hose crimper, manual hose crimper/crimping machine, brake hose crimping machine, portable hose crimping machine, high pressure and low pressure hose crimping machine, and large caliber hose crimping machine.

Hose crimping machine also known as hose crimper, mainly consists of the withhold institutions, motor, gear pump, control valve and the fuel tank. It is suitable for crimping high-pressure hose assembly in mechanical engineering, also can withhold bidirectional elbow, queen-size elbow and shaped heads.

Hose crimping machine makes metal joints with the high pressure hose crimp together closely by the hydraulic machinery and molds so as to produce high-pressure hose and fluid connectors, referred to as high-pressure hose assembly. The high-pressure hose assembly is widely used in oil fields, coal mines, aerospace, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries.

Nowadays many big companies are our friendly cooperative partner. Hope to work with you in the near future together to create a better future.

The picture shows the workshop of the hose crimping machine.
Hose crimping machine workshop display.
There is one box of hose crimping machine models displayed on the ground.
Hose crimping machine models.
It shows one stripping machine in the workshop.
Stripping machine display.
There is one pipe cutting machine in blue displayed in the workshop.
Pipe cutting machine display.