Hose Crimping Machine Classification and Operation Rule

Hose crimping machine brief introduction

Hose crimping machine is also called hose crimper. It is a kind of hydraulic equipment that is used to withhold hose assembly. The metal joints are closely withheld to the suitable high pressure hoses of construction machinery, brake hoses in automobiles, oil hoses, air conditioner hoses as well as power hoses by the contractile force from the mold. Hose crimping machine is suitable for withholding high pressure hoses, low pressure hoses, air hoses, water hoses and oil hoses of all kind of machinery, and it is widely used in vehicles, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding & cutting equipment and other fields.

Multi-purpose hose crimping machine
Hose crimping machine used for multi-purpose
Manual hose crimping machine in re color
Hose crimping machine operated by hand

Hose crimping machine classification

According to the functions, hose crimping machines can be divided into seven kinds: hydraulic hose crimping machine, brake hose crimping machine, high pressure hose crimping machine, low pressure hose crimping machine, large caliber hose crimping machine, air conditioning hose crimping machine and power hose crimping machine.
In terms of mechanical structure, hose crimping machines can be divided into straight barrel crimping machine, double column hose crimping machine, open-crimping machine and C-type crimping machine.
According to the control mode, hose crimping machines can be classified into electro-mechanical crimping machine, PLC crimping machine and CNC (computer numerical control) crimping machine.

Hose crimping machine operation rule:

  • Operators must operate hose crimping machines according to the technological regulations or procedures.
  • Cut off the power when the machine stops using.
  • Mold exchange must be operated in the state of shutdown.
  • Keep the junction surface of die base and dies clean, and keep away from metal shavings and other hard articles.
  • Put lubricant on the slant surface before starting.
  • Tighten the set screw before loading the molds.
  • The regulator must be adjusted within the specified pressure.
  • Do not put your hands into the inside during the working state.
  • Comply with the electrical safety regulations when repairing electrical parts.
High pressure hose crimping machine
Hose crimping machine used for high pressure hoses.
A blue computer numerical control hose crimping machine
Computer numerical control hose crimping machine.

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