Keep attentions to hose crimping machine maintenance

Hose crimping machine maintenance

  • Replace hydraulic oil in a fuel tank when it is out of the specified time made by the manufacturer. You can have a look at the oil level gauge, and must replace if hydraulic oil is oxidation with blackish color.
  • Keep a regular injection of anti-wear lubricants to the moving surface of mold base.
  • Please cover the anti-dust cover to prevent debris from falling into the mold base during the non-pressure hose machine working hours.

Hose crimping machine attentions and precautions

  • Put the connector in the mold center as much as possible when it is working and not pressure on the hex nut.
  • Prevent tools and other foreign objects into the pressure hose head.
  • Keep the eight mold bases at the greatest extent every time after work. It will keep the spring in the open state to maintain the spring and the cylinder in the pressure relief state to prolong the service life of oil seal.

Two red hose crimping machines are on the floor.
Hose crimping machine.

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