Three methods to identify hose crimping machines quality

Identifying hose crimping machine is vital to the machinery operation. Here we can adopt three methods to identify the superiority and inferiority.

  1. See. We can see whether the hydraulic assemblies and electrical components are manufactured by a regular factory or brand-name. Is the circuit configuration structured, petrol station hose design reasonable or junction with or without oil leakage phenomenon? The next step can be detected if the above are all checked by visual inspection.
  2. Listen. Power on and get the machine starts to listen whether the running sound is normal. If there is abnormal noise, the main factor is the unqualified installation concentricity standards of the motor and oil pump. Another possibility is that caused by the irrational because the pump displacement diameter selection. Also it may be caused by unqualified motor and oil pump.
  3. Measure. The final step is to measure the main parameters of the hose crimping machine.
    • Keep the machine in the empty running state, and touch each mold base block and feel. There should be no jitter otherwise the device is substandard products.
    • Fitted the device with molds to withhold a simple connector and measure with caliper or micro meter. The roundness and taper should be buckled within 0.1mm.
    • The mold base hardness and mold hardness are also keys to the smooth operation of devices. Customers can require manufacturers to use a desktop or portable hardness to detect the mold base and mold. When the mold base hardness is below Rockwell HRC60 and mold hardness below Rockwell HRC50, the withhold quality will be affected.
    • Finally test the eight equipartition degree of mold base and mold flush degrees. Good equipment will do special control adjustment to these two parameters while some poor quality will not do this.

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